LanSmith Technologies

Management Consulting for Decision Makers

Success Stories

Recent projects include:

  • Selected, installed, and deployed the leading open-source Customer Relationship Management system
  • Architected a comprehensive data entry, workflow, and business intelligence solution
  • Security analysis and online risk mitigation, including advanced firewalling and intrusion prevention
  • Business continuity / disaster recovery planning
  • Implemented a secure interactive environment for remote workers
  • Created online store, website, and optimized it for search engines

Our consultants leverage experience from past projects including:

  • Cross-functional global data warehouses
  • Decision support systems
  • Enhancement of call center applications
  • Enterprise server acquisition and assembly
  • IT department evaluation and remediation
  • Evaluation of financial trading desk applications
  • Software for near real-time heterogeneous bi-synchronous database replication, repair, and reporting
  • Software for assist operation and management of critical data assurance subsystems
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